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    We design places,
    we build well-being

    Our creativiity and professionalism to resppnd to an evolved concept of wellness

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    Specific skills in our projects

    A team with diversified skills that cover all areas of living

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    Innovative restyling and cocepts

    We design the soul of your home or the concept of your business down to the last detail

Our services

Our services are the result of multiple experiences and different profession

We believe that architecture can improve people 's quality of life,that's why we focus on the needs of customers.
Interior Design
We plan the restyling of your home or the concept of your business down to the smallest  detail.We  guide you in the choice of materials and finishes,we take care of coordinating the craftsmen who work for you.
Civil engineering,analysis services,consultancy and projects for building,interventions covering sectors related ti constructions engineering,restoration and renovations.
Land registry
We are your technical office: we take care of everything that concerns the land and buildings register,we think about all the necessary practices.
Real estate consultancy
We develop real investment strategies in the real estate and tourism hospitality fields. We draw up technical reports for sales deeds, Ape, technical estimates and appraisals on any property.
Local streets
We offer consultancy and assistance on the menagement and organization of consortia for locale roads for public and private use.
Our over twenty years experience.

Our journey over the years.

We design places,we build well- being

The Luppichini technical firm offers over twenty years of experience achieved through studies and the resolution of problems in the  field. Our  promise Is to be  complete consultants,constantly update professionale capable of supporting private  individuals.and  entrepreneurs,fully understanding their needs in the difficult  and delicate phase in which the market finds  itself. We  believe that respect Is a fundamental valute and consequently, we pay close attention to people and all economic,energy and time  resources.Because  just like every entrepreneur,we really struggle ti accept the waste.

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The Luppichini technical firm

Professionalism and ethic.

We provider our technical operational professionalism and our ethic.

How we act.

Your consultancy firm,professionals who meet your needs.

Our promise Is to be complete consultants,professionals who are constantly updated and capable of supporting individuale and entrepreneurs,fully understanding their needs in the difficult and delicate phase in which the market Findus  itself.We  believe that  respect.is  a fundamental valute and,consequently,we pay a lot of attention to people and all resources: economic,energy,time.Because  just like every entrepreneur we really struggle to accept waste.

Our team

Our experts

We are a team and as such we combine our skills to offer creativiity and professionalism in conceiving environments in which aesthetics and functionality merge to responde to amo envolved concept of well- being.

Daniele Luppichini

Daniele Luppichini I am registered in the Register of  Surveyors of the province of Livorno since 2001.

Founder- Surveyor

Gaia Vivaldi

Gaia Vivaldi I have been registered with the Order of Architects of the province of Livorno since 2011.

Architect,T- Builder,Evolutionary design Facilitator.®

Samanta Donati

Samanta Donati I have been registered with the Order of Engineers    of the province of Livorno since 2005.

Engineer - External collaborator

Marco Bellucci

Marco Bellucci I am registered in the Register of Surveyors of the province of Livorno since 2018.


People Resources Value

People Resources Value Ethics Vision Diversified Skills

The Luppichini technical firm

Portfolio - our work

Residential design in Cecina

Type of building intervention.


Renovation of a dilapidated farmhouse in the Bolgheri countryside to create a Tuscan inn.

Type of building intervention.

Consolidation and restructuring

Renovation of farm in the Cecina countryside

Type of building intervention.


Interior design and lighting design of historic residence in Volterra

Type of building intervention.

Interior Design

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Operational headquarters

Centro direzionale Velathri, Località San Pietro in Palazzi, 57023 Cecina LI

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Monday 15:00 – 19:00
Tuesday 9:00 – 13:00
Wednesday 9:00 – 13:00
Friday 15:00 – 19:00
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