Architectural design

We follow every step

Architectural design

After carefully listening to the client, we follow every phase: from the shared idea to the elaborati on of the executive project; from the presentation of the building practices to  the choice of the best company, from the coordination of the construction site up to the complete execution of the works in a workmanlike manner.
We believe that architecture can improve people’s  quality of life, which Is why we focus on customer needs.

Our services

– New Building
– Extensions and/or renovations of residential,agricoltura, artisanal, commercial and tourism accomodation buildings
– Extensions and/or renovations of commercial and tourism accomodation buildings
– Feasibility studies
– Recovery plans
– Super bonus 110% and other tax breaks
– Ecological, Sustainable and bio-compatible design

– Wooden buildings
– Removal of architectural barriera
– Interiore design and rendering
– Maintenance of condominiums
– Road design and maintenance
– Specifications and procurement contracts
– Work menagement and accounting
– Coordination between compaines and professionals
– Evolutionary design

Living consciously

Evolutionary design®

To those like US Who think that we can and should go beyond the simplex choice of materials and shapes, we propose and innovative level of design working on two levels: one material and one energetic.

What emerges is an  architectural project enriched in its energetic aspect,with attention to detail and form but which above all Will improve the well-being of its inhabitants.

Stopping to choose according to principles of aesthetics and functionality Is in fact very limiting  because It does not take into account the specifities of the people and the place with their  condition.their  objectives and aspirations,making  us miss a precious and unique opportunity to raise our quality of life and create and evolutionary habitat.


Emotional-Housing Programming

By investigating on an emotional level tò understand what our deepest needs are,which concern relationships,privacy,self-esteem,protection,abundance,passione,etc…
and testing the resonance with the environments in which we live or work we can develop a real emotional living programming project by creating or modifying environments that generate positive emotional,a sense of centredness,physical and mental efficiency,emotional stabilito,helping people to rapidly and profoundly transform tò heavy problems or compensations created in the physical world.

“The evolutionary habitat creates a dimension of trust and security in oneself and in others and makes life easier”
(quote by Caterina Locati)

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